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There will be a symposium and a short course on the PDD technology at the upcoming Gulf Coast Conference to be held at Galveston, TX. For more information on the conference please visit the GCC website at www.gulfcoastconference.com. The short course information is given below.

Janardhan Madabushi
Valco Instruments, Co inc.
email: tga@vici.com

Pulsed Discharge Photoionization Detectors for Gas Chromatography

AM 9:00am 12:00pm
 Introduction to GC Detectors
 Review of the various detectors available.
 Introduction to PDPID
 Background and operating principles.
 Performance characterizations and comparison with other GC detectors.
 Configuration with other detectors.

Lunch (Included)

PM 1:00pm 4:00pm
 Trouble-Shooting
 Applications

4:00pm 5:00pm
Open Discussion (optional)

One day course - $275
(including textbook)
Note: Does not include registration to the GCC.
For GCC registration information please visit the web site www.gulfcoastconference.com A short course presented in conjunction with the 93rd annual Gulf Coast Conference, Galveston, TX.

September 10, 2001, a day before the formal opening of the GCC, thus it will not interfere with your attendance at the GCC.

Who should attend this course?
 Technical individuals using GC in day-to-day sample/product analysis.
 Research and Process chemists, R&D managers who routinely seek gas chromatographic methods for their research and product development.
 Anyone interested in obtaining practical information on the detector technology and its applications in solving analytical problems.

What will you learn?
This one-day course does not assume any prior background on the subject. It will cover fundamental operating principles with emphasis on practical applications rather than theoretical aspects. Attendees will walk away with a full understanding of the utility of the detector in solving various analytical problems.

Dr. Wentworth can be reached at (713) 743 2727 or waynewent@aol.com. Dr. Madabushi can be reached at (713) 688 9345 or tga@vici.com.

Prof. Wayne E. Wentworth
Dr. Wentworth is a professor of Analytical & Physical Chemistry at University of Houston and has been involved in the research and development of GC detectors for over 40 years. He is the co-author of several patents on the PDPID technology.

Dr. Janardhan V. Madabushi
Dr. Madabushi is the Manager of the Trace Gas Analyzer Dept. at Valco Instruments Co and has been involved with the PDPID technology and the design and construction of process gas chromatographs for over 8 years.

Registration Form
Name: _______________________________________________
Organization: _______________________________________________
(Attach list for additional participants)
Total number of Registrants: ______________ Total Cost: ____________
Method of Payment: Make checks payable to Wentworth Consulting Corp.
Check Number: ___________
Mailing Address: Wentworth Consulting Corp., PO Box 55039, Houston TX 77255.

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