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Dear Sirs,

I present to your attention:

A new technology of chromatography with pressure programming of the carrier gas has been investigated and for the first in the world been proposed, based on the gradient pressure movement along the column performing the function pressure - location - time and keeping Dp constant at the ends of the chromatographic column during the whole process of analysis. (Russia patent N 1658083 Chromatograph of A.S.Hayrapetyan).

Provision of optional conditions by means of keeping the constancy of the linear rate of an imaginary point - the sample zone undergoing analysis being transferred from the injection point to the chromatographic column outlet, with which a maximum column efficiency ( Hayrapetyan's Effect ) is attained.

The newest technology chromatography - Chromabarography, that protects its flight , at the beginning of XXI century, and retardation at the beginning is baneful not only in sport, but in science and economics as well.

KNOW - HOW and ENGINEERING in the creation of new modifications of CHROMABAROGRAPHY with effective synergism.

Realization of best ideas related with the expansion of the possibilities of CHROMABAROGRAPHY as an alternative to CHROMATHERMOGRAPHY and TEMPERATURE - PROGRAMMED CHROMATOGRAPHY, working out of means for their combined application with a patent defense, joint patenting of new technical solutions with leading firms in USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, China, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, Czechia and others interested in this field.

I would be happy if you considered it convenient to express your opinion
and your interest in concluding a joint patenting in the countries chosen by you.

Awaiting forward to your response,


Aram Hayrapetyan. Chromabarography - A new quality of chromatography. It is not a suggestion, but a confirmation!

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