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Hi colleagues,

I invite you to discuss about the GLC injection systems, particularly about liners.
Companies are offering today hundreds of different liners. Moreover, the same company is offering for the same injector type liners of different construction. There are only some very general recommendation available how to choose the right type of liner. Actually they are too general and chromatographers have to choose himself "empirically" the best liner for he's compound(s) . By the way, these "stupid or smart" glass tubes can be easily broken by changing and cost a lot. If you are doing quantitative work and you want to be very precise, you have to calibrate your mixture for every new liner. For new type of liner you deffinitely have to do this.
It is not the normal situation in 21. century. It seems to be that companies have to work a lot to make customers happy.
May be I'm too critical and don't know some new details and developments in this field. I will be very happy listen opinion of other capillary GLC users, how satisfied they are with the situation today.

With best regards

Uno Maeorg

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