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Dear all,
I am currently in the progress of developing a multiresidue method for the analysis of 3 OP namely Acephate, Monocrotophos and Methamidophos. I face some problem during my sample preparation step, hope anyone of you can help me....

My sample is palm fruit and my step for sample preparation are as below-

1. Sampling
2. Sample homoginisation in Acetonitrile (100ml x2)
3. Filtering and solvent-solvent extraction with Hexane (50mlx2)to remove oil.
4. Polar portion is evaporated off.....

At this step, after the evaporation, there are something reddish and sticky form at the bottom of flask (I guest it is phospholipid type of compound)...

Any one of you have ideal how can I do cleanup on this sample at this stage....I try to dissolve the whole sample in both polar and non-polar solvent in order for me to continue with column chromatography clean up...but the entire sample cant dissolve.

Thanks in advance..

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