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Communicating Chromatography

LC Resources provides courses in HPLC, from basic concepts to advanced method development, and specialized courses such as LC-MS and bioseparations.

LC Resources training courses provide comprehensive training in HPLC, LC-MS, bioseparations, and method development. Courses cover troubleshooting systems, system care and maintenance, theory of separation mechanisms, basic separation principles, advanced method development, and the latest cutting-edge techniques. No matter what your level of expertise, we offer a course that's perfect for you.

We offer on-site, and web-based courses. Course prices can be found on the course description pages (see list below). 

Current course offerings include:

"Live on the Web" courses

Getting Started in Liquid Chromatography  
Making LC Methods Work  

Systematic Development of LC Methods  

"On-site" and "Virtual On-site" courses

LC Basics, Equipment, and Troubleshooting
Practical HPLC for Biopharmaceuticals  

Advanced HPLC Method Development
• Bioanalytical LC-MS/MS

HPLC Training Course in Session

on-line learning


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