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The 2016 LC Troubleshooting Bible

Welcome to the 2016 edition of The LC Troubleshooting Bible. This is a compilation of John Dolan's LC Troubleshooting columns from LC-GC magazine from 1983 through December 2016. The pdfs included are from the LCGC North America edition. Over the life of the magazine, they have had various reference formats as the magazine changed from LC Magazine to LCGC to LCGC North America; currently the preferred citation format for all articles is LCGC North. Am.

A little history, if you are interested: LC Magazine had its first issue at Pittcon 1983 with Dennis Runser as the troubleshooting editor. Dennis wrote three articles (V1, issues 1-3) as excerpts from his troubleshooting book. There was a gap for several months, and in October 1983 the "Troubleshooting" title was applied to the column (later changed to "LC Troubleshooting when GC topics were added to the magazine), with John Dolan and Vern Berry sharing the editorship. Vern and John wrote 10 monthly columns together from October 1983 through July 1984 (V1, issue 7 through V2, issue 7). At that point, in September 1984, John Dolan took over as the editor of "Troubleshooting." The numbering of the issues is a bit convoluted in the early years, and dates are hard to reconstruct, because the issue date doesn't always appear on the pdf pages shown here. Volume 1, 1983 had 9 issues, 6 of which contained the troubleshooting column. In 1984, the magazine went to 11 issues, with a gap in August, which was a separate Buyer's Guide issue dedicated to an index of suppliers of chromatography-related instrumentation and supplies. From 1985 through 2004 (V3 - V22), the Buyer's Guide continued to replace the August issue, but it was given an issue number, so, although 12 issues were published during those years, only 11 contained the troubleshooting column. In 2005, the August issue changed to a full editorial issue (with a Buyer's Guide supplement) and LC Troubleshooting has appeared in all 12 issues per year since then. The current (2016) compilation contains 381 troubleshooting articles; all but three of these were during John Dolan's tenure as editor. Over that time, a total of 60 authors participated in the column, including John, Vern, and Dennis Runser. Of the remaining 57, 19 were members of the LC Resources staff -- mostly from the LCR laboratory -- supplying great examples of how to correct real problems that they encountered in their daily work.

The LC Troubleshooting Bible is provided in the form of a Web Help file that can be read with any browser. The Contents file (accessible by clicking on the Contents item at the top of your screen) lists all the article titles in chronological order. You can click on a title to see the subtitle and associated keywords, as well as a link to a .pdf file with the article itself.

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Note that this database was originally available only as a CD version. Copies of "LC Troubleshooting" going back to 2000 can be found on the LCGC website, Currently the entire database can be accessed only at 

The copyright for the article contents is owned by Advanstar Communications; the copyright for this database is owned by John W. Dolan, LC Resources.


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