Getting Started in HPLC

Section 1. The Basics

If you are currently using HPLC in your work, then you are already familiar with a chromatogram like the one shown at the right. This chromatogram has 6 peaks or bands, indicating that there were at least 6 chemical compounds present in the sample. You probably know that you can identify the compounds by the position of their peaks in the chromatogram, and that you can estimate the quantity of each compound in the sample from the size of the corresponding peak.

What you may not already know is how the chromatogram is generated and why we can use it for both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

In this section, we will:
  • describe the basic mechanism common to all forms of chromatography
  • discuss the relationship between HPLC and other forms of chromatography
  • describe the basic components or modules common to all HPLC instruments
  • discuss the measurements we can make on a chromatogram that let us describe our results.



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