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1.  Troubleshooting LC Systemsby J.W. Dolan and L.R. Snyder, (Humana Press, 1989)
Detailed discussion of equipment operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. An excellent reference book with lots of practical information.

2. LC-GC Magazine;  Advanstar Publishing
Best free magazine for the money. Scientific (not sales) articles, practical columns on LC columns, LC and GC troubleshooting, bioseparations, data handling, and special topics.

3. Chromatography Forum
This is an on-line chromatography discussion group where you can post questions, contribute answers or suggestions, engage in on-going correspondence on chromatography issues, or just lurk and learn a tremendous amount about chromatography. It's free, and you can post anonymously.

4. LC Resources Chromatography FAQThe "Additional Information" page provides a wealth of links to tutorials, reference materials, manufacturers' web sites, and more.

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