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2018 Schedule
September 2018

9/10 - 9/14
Systematic Development of LC Methods

9/17 - 9/21
Making LC Methods Work

9/24 - 9/28
Getting Started in LC

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Web-Based Courses

Why web-based courses?
Our web-based training provides many of the advantages of traditional "face-to-face" instruction:

  • At a very reasonable price
  • With minimum disruption of work schedules
  • Without travel expenses
  • With individualized answers provided in a small group
  • Presented by world-class experts in liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry

LC Resources' web-based courses are not "webinars" or "infomercials" — and not "canned" presentations. Each session is conducted "live" by an instructor having 30-plus years of HPLC or MS experience with a small group (maximum of fifteen attendees).

Call (925) 297-5374 or e-mail us for details on upcoming courses.

We are currently offering:

Getting Started in Liquid Chromatography
This equivalent to a one-day course is taught in three 2.5 - hour sessions. The material is intended for beginning chromatographers, managers, or reveiewers.

Making Liquid Chromatography Methods Work
This course is
aimed at working chromatographers with 6 months or more of hands-on experience. It provides a structured approach to troubleshooting existing validated or "known to work" methods.

Systematic Development of LC Methods
This course is intended for chromatographers with 2-5 years of hands-on experience. Originally developed by Lloyd Snyder and now taught by chromatography experts John Dolan and Tom Jupille, this course sets out a systematic approach to developing robust HPLC methods quickly and efficiently.

Mass Spectrometry Courses
"Live on the Web" courses in Mass Spectrometry are presented by our colleagues at

Call (925) 297-5374 for information on upcoming web-based courses.

LIve on the Web Learning
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